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                                        I’m Jo, a mum to three gorgeous

           children and wife to Paul. I have been in bookkeeping and business for 20 years and absolutely love what I do. I feel as bookkeepers we have an amazing opportunity to help business owners improve their lives by gaining a better understanding of how their business finances can be improved and in turn this leads to our own success.

I have gone from:

  • Working long hours with nothing to show for it in the bank

  • No cash flow forecast for myself or my clients

  • Feeling overwhelmed with my workload 

  • My health suffering due to stress and no time for myself or my family

  • Feeling that I was not providing my clients with the best service

To Now:

  • I am healthy, wealthy and successful

  • My clients are all happy and their businesses are growing and becoming more profitable

  • I am the business owner, my business does not own me!

  • I spend quality time with my family and can 100% switch off from work when I want to

  • My bookkeeping services are not cheap, but my practice represents exceptional value for money.

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